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10 Famous People Who Failed Before They Succeeded

Sometimes we believe that people who have achieved great things in life were born under a lucky star, but throughout history we can see that success is simply the result of perseverance and failure.

Today, we at Vulnerable SynC share with you a list of 10 successful people that will inspire you to believe in yourself, even if you fail.

Walt Disney:

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Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for “not being innovative enough,“ lost the rights to his first character, ”Oswald the lucky Rabbit,” and drove his first enterprise into bankruptcy. when Disney began to think about doing a full-period lively film, nearly nobody else thought this was a very good idea. He even had to mortgage his house and take out a loan to finish Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because he ran out of money. when the movie was finally released, it was highly praised by critics and brought in $8 million, making it the most successful sound movie made to that date.

Mary Kay Ash:

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After working for 25 years for the same organization, Mary Kay made a choice to resign because the company did not accept her ideas. After retirement, she decided to write a book to assist women in enterprise. The book turned into a perfect business plan, and Mary Kay founded the world-renowned cosmetics company that bears her name.

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