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10 Famous People Who Failed Before They Succeeded

Thomas Alva Edison:

thomas edison

Edison is the best example of how important self-confidence and perseverance are. He failed thousands of times to invent a commercially viable electric light bulb, but to him failure was just another step on the road to success: “i have not failed. i have just found 9,999 approaches that do not work.” sooner or later, Edison produced a bulb that could glow for over 1,500 hours.

Michelle Obama:


obama wife

Michelle Obama is a tireless woman who has never been carried away by the critiques of others. when she turned into younger, people did not see her as anything more than a potential wife of a working guy of the lower class to which she belonged. Upon entering Princeton and Harvard, there were quite some people who believed in her abilities. constantly criticized, she decided to be always real to herself and to follow her vocation: to help make a better united states of america.

Howard Schultz:

starbucks CEO

Thanks to the patience and tenacity of Howard, today we are able to enjoy scrumptious Starbucks coffee as we work at our computers. It was very difficult for Schultz to convince investors to write him a check. His idea was rejected 214 times before he determined someone who believed in it.

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