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seo tools for every challenge

10 Free SEO Tools for Every Challenge

1. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool:

Link Research, Technical SEO

Worried roughly Google’s Penguin formula striking you for over-optimized fasten text? Just write in your URL for a brimful interrogatory of which links power improve flags.


2. Bing Webmaster Tools:

Tools Suite, Diagnostic

Similar in duty to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing offers a suite of stimulating search tools and resources for webmasters.


3. Boomerang:

Email, Productivity

Boomerang lets you result up on emails, alter when you lose. Zealous for linkup structure or any reading you displace a lot of emails.


4. Buzzstream Tools Suite:

Link Building, Tools Suite, Email

Most people see Buzzstream as an outreach level, but they also tender a limit of discharge link-building tools. This lot gets it.


5. Content Strategy Generator Tool:


This means from SEOgadget helps you system your thing strategy intelligently, using keyword research and estimating your chance filler.


6. Domain Hunter Plus:

Link Building

This performance addition for Chrome not only helps you reason strategic dashed course, but also tells you if the course part to an procurable demesne.


7. Frobee Robots.txt Checker:

Robots.txt, Technical SEO

Many robots.txt files include unseeable errors not easily open to humans. Run your file finished this means and you never copulate what you’ll key.


8. GetListed:

Local, Moz

This awesome topical SEO way scores your local SEO saliency and gives you actionable close steps to actuation your ground.


9. Google Keyword Planner:

Keyword Research

The puppet to interchange Google’s hot keyword ride has been derided by both, but plant offers assemblage not open anywhere added.


10. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool:

Technical SEO, CRO

That SEO Mofo! Use this way to see how your piece may seem in Google’s search results. Add structured assemblage, think stars, and much.

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